3 Tips for Using Local SEO to Promote Your Website

Effectively promoting a small business website can be an uphill battle. Not only does it take time to bolster your search ranking, it can also be difficult to stand out amongst the competition – especially if you’re in a popular industry. When looking for ways to promote their websites, most businesses turn to search engine optimization (SEO). However, if your company only services local clients, there’s little sense in trying to garner national attention. Focusing your efforts on local SEO can prove far more beneficially to locally-focused small businesses. When promoting your business through local SEO, you can benefit from putting the following tips to good use.

1. Choose a Locally-Focused Domain Name

One effective way to drum up local search engine attention is purchasing a locally-focused domain name for your website. As an added bonus, this should ensure that you’re able to purchase the name you’re looking for when you check available domain names. Additionally, adding some local flavor to your domain is much easier than you might think. In fact, it can be as simple as tacking the name of your city or township onto your domain name. For example, a company called “Big Web Design” could garner search engine attention with a domain name like “BigWebDesignHouston.com.”

2. Insert Local Tidbits into Your Web Content

Another great way to bolster your search ranking is regularly updating your site’s content. Google and other prominent search engines tend to favor sites that consistently post new material, so maintaining a weekly blog and regularly posting new images and videos can prove helpful in boosting your search ranking. Furthermore, plugging references to your city, township or state into your text-based content is practically guaranteed to increase your local traffic.

3. Plug Locally-Focused Keywords into Your Content

Keyword integration is among the most popular forms of search engine optimization. This refers to the practice of inserting keywords that are designed to garner search engine attention into your site’s text-based content. Examples of local keywords include “affordable housing in Madison, WI” and “best sandwiches in Ames, Iowa.”

Search engine optimization is widely utilized by enterprises of all sizes. While SEO can prove highly beneficial to large-scale national companies, it can also be very advantageous for small businesses – provided they keep their focus local. To ensure that your local SEO efforts go off without a hitch, choose a domain name that includes your location, include references to your locale in your content and make ample use of locally-used keywords.